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Coping strategies for running multiple businesses / income streams

Start off with one business – Richard Branson The first business will set the standard for the others. The first business allows unlimited testing until you get…

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When is it okay to do free work?

From the previous video and blog on free work and doing work for exposure, a colleague mentioned that in her business, she does give free offerings, but…

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Code Words: For free or for exposure!

Something concerning that I see comes up regularly in community groups on Facebook and Google Groups, are posts that state that photography is required for free (in…

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Half year slump? Feeling that slump heading into June?

Today I want to casually discuss feeling drained, exhausted, tired about photography, and also having a negative attitude or feeling towards photography, regardless of what it might…

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What you didn’t know about pricing your photography

Today’s topic is about pricing. The grudged pricing discussion. I see this all the time on photography groups. How much should I charge? How many images should…

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